Facility management in Ukraine

Facility management in Ukraine

Welcome to home improvement and convenient repair solutions company!

Facility management company profile is technical and preventive facility maintenance which includes delivering small to large repair needs solutions for business centers, offices, government facilities, houses and apartments.

Industries we serve:
— office space
— commercial and entertainment facilities
— hotels, rentals
— sports and entertainment facilities
— logistics facilities
— retail stores and restaurants

-Assemble furniture

— private housing (apartments and houses)

Is your office space or a private house in need of streamlined, uninterrupted operation of all systems and communications such as plumbing, air-conditioning, electric and water supply, minor and major repairs, etc?

All these systems require a variety of high quality maintenance and repair solutions.

Buildings and rooms have to impress with their clean look and nice atmosphere which require minor fixing and day-to-day maintenance, or major repair works. Day-to-day maintenance of offices, apartments or other private facilities may require small household and appliance repairs, installation and assembling/disassembling of furniture, moving and cleaning services.

Without a doubt, when dealing within breakdowns, accidents or urgent installation of cooling units and other appliances, you can take your time or your employees work time and fix the problem. It may also take finding the right person to do the job, the right tools and supplies (more shopping ideas and expenses), and someone’s time to get the job done.  But for all these situations service needs there is a different and convenient solution for you — a company whose experts will take an immediate action in solving  general maintenance problems that include mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems minor and major repairs at low costs and high quality service.

When using services of Facility management you save time, effort and money. This convenient solution and partnership allows you to stay focused on your work while Facility management experts provide quality maintenance and repair services according to current standards and safety requirements.

The advantages of using Facility management services also include:
—  maintenance and upkeep of your property in good sanitary condition;
—  making your plumbing, electric and other systems, room units, appliances and    equipment serve you longer ;
— high reduction of risk to loose your business or facility profit  due to major repair needs;
— giving a positive image and benefits to your facility .

Facility management  experts will take care of your on-site technical maintenance and repair needs providing a peaceful and safe environment for you at home or work.

Facility management provides one- time services as well as long-term agreements and work arrangements.

We will help you save your time and energy by talking care of your building maintenance solutions (fixing mechanical, electrical and plumbing problems) so you can have a better focus on your personal duties and business.